At Carolina Integrative Clinic (CI Clinic) we incorporate the latest conventional and natural therapies for treatment and prevention of health problems not requiring surgical intervention. We use proven complementary and traditional medicine therapies along with dietary and lifestyle modifications to treat a wide range of illnesses. Our health care providers will help you create and follow a personalized treatment plan specific to your health concerns. Most people find an integrative and holistic approach to be the most effective way of addressing their health care concerns.

Women's Health

Womens Health
Women and men share many of the same health issues, but they can affect women differently. Some health conditions are more common in women, such as autoimmune disorders, osteoarthritis, obesity and depression and some conditions, such as menopause and pregnancy, are unique to women.

Men's Health

Mens Health
The top men's health threats include heart disease, cancer and unintentional injury. Other men, in particular, are at a higher risk for problem such as weight gain, stress related diseases, low testosterone levels, sexual dysfunction, etc.

Pediatric Health

Pediatric Health
Questions are being raised on why more children are developing chronic diseases such as asthma and allergies, ADHD and autism. Why so many unnecessary antibiotics and other medications are being prescribed to children, and what are safer alternative treatments in children.

Health Education

Knowledge is power. Gain power over your own health issues by educating yourself . In a series of health related articles , books, workshops and audiovisual materials we will help you create a state of well being in mind and body.

A Personalized Comprehensive Evaluation

We specialize in “Allergy”,”Gut” “Autoimmune Disorders” as well as “Pediatric Integrative Medicine”.  Our approach includes a personalized comprehensive evaluation of digestion, assimilation, metabolism, deficiencies, allergies, and toxicities. Our experience has shown us that a large number of symptoms and conditions unresponsive to conventional treatment may yield to the application of nature’s remedies. We can also help you to craft a health maintenance program based on your past medical history and genetic risk factors.

Pediatric Patients

Our medical director is also a board-certified pediatrician and offers integrative and health maintenance consultation for pediatric patients of all ages. Chronic childhood conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Autism, Asthma/Allergies/Eczema, Digestive Disorders, etc. may benefit from such an integrative approach.

Practical Weight Loss

Learn about the latest weight loss breakthroughs:

  • Most effective diets and exercise
  • Most effective supplements
  • Common pitfalls in diagnosis and treatment
  • Important diagnostic tests to consider

Integrative Thyroid Clinic

We offer the latest advancement in the integrative diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, hypothyroidism, sub-clinical hypothyroidism,  sub-laboratory hypothyroidism.  As part of the individualized, comprehensive therapy plan we address the best choice of medication for you as well as diet, nutrition and supplements that are most appropriate for your diagnosis.

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Science-Based Therapies

Our integrative and functional medicine therapeutic approaches are scientifically based.  The therapies used at CI Clinic are based on scientific studies compiled over the years by Dr. Zaiim. Our treatments continue to be guided and defined by the most recent science-based research.

Practical Relaxation Book – The Basics

This book is designed to teach you the most useful techniques of stress management in a practical and user-friendly style. Realizing that not having enough time by itself is a common source of stress, this book avoids unnecessary and lengthy explanations. In other words, the most useful and the most essential of different basic relaxation techniques are handpicked and presented to you in this book.

Stress Reduction Workshop

Based on a book written by Dr. Zaiim titled, “Practical Relaxation”. The focus of this mind-body based workshop to help us deal with daily life stressors which can adversely affect our mental and physical health. This practical relaxation workshop consists of three hands-on sessions detailing the proven methods of reducing stress, each session lasting about two hours.

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