Services Offered

Integrative/Functional Medicine Telehealth Consultations

We have helped many patients of all ages to treat the root cause of their illness using a personalized, scientific and comprehensive approach offered by Integrative Medicine model.

Besides the personal health consultations using the integrative and functional models of treatment we offer the following services:

Mind-Body Medicine

Stress is a major culprit in many ailments and our state of mind has a great impact on how our body responds to stress. A well-adjusted mind-body utilizes relaxation response as a healthy way of dealing with daily stress. The body’s natural relaxation response can be triggered using breathing techniques, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. At CI Clinic, through workshops and private consultations, we will address stress and ways of dealing with stress.

Wellness Program

You do not need to be ill to visit us. We believe that health is not just a lack of disease but also a sense of well-being. The primary goal of our wellness program is to enhance your ability to experience optimal health. This is not your typical yearly physical but rather the ultimate “tune-up” visit. During this visit, we can also help you to identify your risk for diseases and give you information that can protect you from illness. We can help you craft a personalized health plan by combining the scientific approach of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern medicine.


We offer virtual group workshops on various health issues, nutritional topics, meditation, and health coaching.

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