New Patients

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation consists of two separate visits, during which we cover everything from an extensive health background check to innovative lab testing and development of an individualized treatment plan. During the first consultation, we will review your medical history including your current health concerns, your past medical history, medications, vitamins, and supplements you are currently taking, as well as your family history. Based on this initial evaluation, blood work or other medical tests will be ordered.

During the second visit, usually scheduled a few weeks after the initial consultation, the doctor will review your lab results with you and will recommend a customized treatment program. Please remember that Carolina Integrative Clinic provides customized health care specific to each individual’s medical needs, therefore your medical treatment regimen may look very different from our other patients.

 Further Follow-Up Appointments

Depending on your treatment plan, more follow-up appointments may be scheduled, and more tests may be ordered as deemed necessary to monitor progress as you work towards your optimal health goals.

Medical Records

Before your first appointment send us copies of any pertinent medical records and recent lab results.  

Patient Guidelines for Medical Record Submissions:

Please consider the following guidelines when submitting your medical records:

  • Medical summary within the last 12 months from your Primary Care Provider
  • Conventional lab results within the last 3-6 months
  • Functional Medicine test results within the last 12 months

Items we ask that you DO NOT SEND:

  • Notes from routine medical office visits
  • Routine exam notes (this includes immunizations, routine physical exams, etc.)
  • Lab results that are over a year old
  • Diagnostic imaging films or disks

Please do not submit screenshots of your medical records. We require copies of your original medical documents.


The first initial session total $410

The second initial session total $500

The 30-minute Follow-Up sessions total $225

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