New Patients

We are honored that you have chosen us to help you achieve your health goals. This is your New Patient Information Packet. Please read, fill out and sign the attached forms and bring them with you to your appointment, unless you have been instructed to send them prior to your appointment.

Medical Records

Before your initial evaluation, please contact your primary care provider as well as specialty physicians to have them send us copies of any pertinent medical records and recent laboratory results. (Please have them send us a copy of any pertinent x-ray reports, NOT the actual copies of x-rays.) It may be more efficient for you to obtain copies of these medical records yourself and bring them with you to the initial evaluation. Please note that for any hormonal replacement therapy, we would require a current physical exam with your PCP, including applicable procedures such as a prostate exam, breast exam, Pap, mammogram, and other appropriate laboratory tests such as a PSA, etc.

Initial Consultation (1 hour)

During the initial consultation, a comprehensive review of your health history is performed. During this visit, we will review your medical history including your current health concerns, your past medical history, and previous laboratory tests, medications, vitamins, and supplements you are currently taking, as well as your family history. Depending on your medical condition, a limited medical exam may be performed. Based on the initial evaluation, if additional lab work or other medical tests are needed we will instruct you on how to obtain the added tests. In many cases, we may need to wait for the results of the requested lab tests before we can recommend specific treatments regarding medications, hormone replacement therapy, etc. Please remember that Carolina Integrative Clinic provides customized health care specific to each individual’s medical needs, therefore your medical treatment regiment may look very different than another person seen by us.


The first follow-up appointment will be for one hour and is usually scheduled two to four weeks after the initial consultation. During the follow-up visit, the doctor will review your lab results, if any, with you and will recommend a customized treatment program for you.

Depending on your treatment plan, more follow-up appointments may be scheduled and more tests may be ordered as deemed necessary.

Medications, Vitamins, and Supplements

We recommend only Pharmaceutical-Grade vitamins/supplements not food-grade or store brand products. Any of the compounded prescriptions may be obtained from Carolina Compounding Pharmacy & Health Center which is conveniently located in the same building. Alternatively, you may use another source of your choosing.

Deposit/Cancellation/Late Policy

Since there is a lot of time and care that goes into preparing for a new patient to be seen by our providers, and in an effort to ensure every patient gets the attention they deserve, CI Clinic has adopted the following policy:

When making an appointment please include a $100 deposit to reserve your initial evaluation. This deposit will apply to your initial evaluation. For the initial consultation and follow-up visits, a 48-hour notification is required. Canceling less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment or failure to show up at scheduled time may result in a $100 cancellation fee for the initial evaluation and a $50 cancellation fee for the follow-up appointments. Failure to arrive in a timely manner could also result in the cancellation of appointments and a $50 cancellation fee.

Insurance Policy:

Although most PPO insurance plans do cover our services under their out of network coverage policy, CI Clinic does not bill insurance companies. Our doctors are not preferred providers for any insurance company. You may submit your paid invoice to your insurance for reimbursement. We are not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. Medicare or Medicaid will not reimburse you for services rendered at CI Clinic and you should not seek reimbursement from Medicare or Medicaid. We do have staff available to answer any of your insurance questions.

Knowing your insurance company’s carrier policy is your responsibility.

Q & A

Q: What is Integrative Medicine?

A: Integrative medicine can be defined as a healing-oriented medical practice that combines mainstream medical practices and complementary-alternative-medicine (CAM) therapies for which there is high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. This form of practicing medicine combines the best of conventional and CAM systems, addressing the whole person- spirit, mind, and body- including all aspects of lifestyle.

In this approach, the partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process is greatly valued and encouraged. The priority in choosing the treatment approach is given to the use of natural, less-invasive, effective therapies to facilitate the body’s innate healing response. In integrative medicine, the promotion of health and the prevention of illness is valued as much as the treatment of diseases.

Q: What does being board certified in integrative medicine mean?

A: This is a very important question and patients need to find out if their health care providers are board-certified in the area they practice. Board certification is one of the easiest and best ways to discover a doctor’s qualification in a given field. Board certification in the field of integrative medicine has gone through considerable evolution over the past several years. Until a couple of years ago, there was not a unified national board certification for integrative medicine practitioners. This caused uncertainty in this field making it hard to set standards for practicing integrative medicine and to verify who was qualified to practice integrative medicine. Since then, however, a nationally recognized board certification process has been implemented through the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS). Such as certifications, according to ABPS “enables successful candidates to present themselves to the public as qualified medical specialists in the practice of Integrative Medicine. Completing the Integrative Medicine board certification indicates mastery of the specialty experience and knowledge as well as a professional commitment to adhere to the ABPS Medical Code of Ethics.”


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