Integrative Pediatrics

Integrative Pediatrics is the merging and integration of new methodologies to optimize healthcare in all pediatric patients. Integrated Pediatrics is the mixture or combination of conventional and complementary therapies to suit the needs of each specific child, family, and situation based on the evidence. Various aspects of integrative pediatrics and integrative medicine can be applied in clinical practice. The field of integrated pediatrics is at a crossroads.

Collaboration with other countries’ pediatrics organizations and medical members can disseminate and spread information about integrative pediatrics and integrated medicine research and evidence all over the world. It should become a common practice all over the country.

Pediatric integrative clinics can be helpful in this regard because they provide care coordination and family support services to children and youth who are eligible for medical care and have mental or behavioral health support. Pediatric Integrated clinics and coordination teams help and provide care and treatment to the children and families that they have needs.


Malnutrition is a major problem most of underdeveloped countries. Lack of food and malnutrition become major causes of diseases in children. Deficiencies of calcium in bones, weak eyesight, low growth of mental health in children, and other diseases are found in children which are major causes of malnutrition.

Role of Organizations:

To promote integrated pediatrics and integrated pediatrics medicine world’s most popular organizations like UNO, WHO, and other population welfare trusts and organizations can take part in this regard. Developing countries, underdeveloped countries, and third-world countries need to spread knowledge and information about integrated pediatrics and medicine in these countries. Well-trained and qualified doctors should take part in this regard to spread knowledge and information about it.

Aim and Scope:

The aim of integrated pediatrics is to increase the knowledge and information to appreciate and stimulate research based evidence about it in the entire field of pediatrics and to promote better management of pediatrics patients. Providing better treatment and care to pediatric patients should be the most essential priority. Integrated pediatrics and integrated medicine are both rapidly evolving fields with great potential to improve the quality of treatment and prevent the health of children.


Journals are spreading information and knowledge. The purpose of journals and publications of related information and knowledge is very useful and informative. Integrated pediatrics in an international journal that provides new and latest knowledge and information on pediatrics research. Journal is a unique platform for pediatricians and clinicians who deal with diagnosis treatment and cure for diseases. Journals are the main source of knowledge for pediatricians. International journals about pediatricians are a source of disseminating information all over the world.


The major goal of integrated pediatricians is to protect the child’s health. Integrated pediatrics and integrated medicine provide better treatment and cures for their patients. The pediatrician’s main goal or aim is to provide comprehensive care for the child as well as an adult. Pediatricians have an essential purpose in providing treatment to their patients diligently and comprehensively. Clinicians and pediatricians provide treatment to their patients is research and evidence-based. After that, they prescribe and recommend proper medicine according to the disease and condition of the patients.

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